E-commerce is the prerequisite for the today’s generation. Millions of daily deals happen in E-commerce, and the main reason for such an exponential rise is due to their authentic products at an affordable price. E-commerce sites provide you with best deals which are cheaper than the market price. The best part about E-commerce is that most of them offer their services to those distant places where it is difficult even to step foot. E-commerce provides you with a wide range of products, and this itself clarifies their dominance in the world’s market. Thus, you must know how to get free amazon gift card now!

The biggest name in the E-commerce market is none other than Amazon. Founded on Jeff Bezos on July 5th, 1994, this E-commerce site is now the fourth valuable company in the world and is just behind few tech giant companies like Apple, Alphabet, and Microsoft. As per as giving employment is concerned, Amazon is the second largest company after Walmart in the USA. The name ‘Amazon’ came after CEO Jeff Bezos decided to name it after Amazon River of Brazil.

According to Forbes magazine, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has surpassed Bill Gates to be the called as the wealthiest businessman in this planet. So you may very well imagine the success of the Amazon family.

Unlocking Free Products and Services – Amazon Gift Cards

Amazon has satisfied millions of its customer through their products and services. The important part is that Amazon ensures that their customer doesn’t face any difficulties as per payment options are concerned. Amazon offers you various payment options such as Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal, Net Banking, and Cash on Delivery and many more. To add on this lists, Amazon introduced “Amazon Gift Cards” for those customers who want to purchase something from their account, but they don’t have any access to any of the above options.

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These are specially meant for kids who don’t have access to any of the bank account, and they feel the need to buy something from Amazon. Apart from that, Amazon provides handy discounts to those individuals who purchase these Amazon Gift Cards. Double benefit is always a better option, isn’t it? So, a user should switch to Amazon Gift Cards for a better advantage.

Amazon Gift Cards will provide you with a unique code. From this unique code, a user can buy anything for free. But above all, you will need to purchase Amazon Gift Cards to avail these benefits.

Amazon Gift Cards has one particular advantage that it never expires. So, you can use these Amazon Gift Cards anytime you want. These Gift Cards has access to every item that is available on Amazon. These gifts cards are present at various prices. So, you can buy these gift cards through the official Amazon site, where they will provide you with these gift cards in an exchange with money. Apart from this, there are some other alternatives to get these gift cards.

How to Get Free Amazon Gift Card in 2019?

What if someone says to you that these Amazon Gift Cards which you are purchasing is available for free? For some time you might get awestruck by listening to this offer. But yes it is true. Most websites aim to provide Free Amazon Gift Cards to its users. For that, you don’t need to lurk around every site as we are providing you with the best and safest ways to access to these Gift codes.

Some of them work on the GPT (Get Paid To) mechanism that offers you reward points for performing various jobs. So, how to get free amazon gift cards? It could be tasks such as installing an application or game from their sources, or creating an account or watching videos. After studying all these parameters, here are the different methods to get Free Amazon gift codes. These are as follows:

Method 1: Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another GPT site that has become the most reliable way to earn swag points in an exchange with Free Amazon Gift Cards. Here, Swagbucks provides you with several ways to win free Swags. These include Promotions, referral, trading through electronic trade-ins, social media sharing, and many more.


Other than Free Amazon Gift Cards, Swagbucks offers you free Swag for several other sites such as PlayStation Network, Xbox, and many more. Hence, it becomes the most effective way of getting Free Amazon Gift Cards, and above all, you can blindly trust this way.

Method 2: FatWallet

FatWallet is primarily for those shopaholic users who wish to get a variety of promotional coupons. But for that, you need to sign up on FatWallet to avail these promotional coupons. From FatWallet, either you will earn a free Amazon Shipping Code or some big offers like 20-30% Cashback.

FatWallet will provide this whole detailed information, and thankfully you need not worry about the benefits that they will provide.

Method 3: PrizeRebel

PrizeRebel is a GPT site which is known for its relentless support for the users. They offer various services where you can earn reward points from their website and use them directly from your account.

Get Amazon Gift Cards
Get Amazon Gift Cards

After that you can use these points to claim the benefits straight from the Amazon official, thus, saving your beneficial time as well as money in getting and exchanging Free Amazon Gift Card. PrizeRebel has always been an option in giving lesser troubles to their users and hence ordering from Amazon that much more comfortable through PrizeRebel.

Method 4: MyPoints

MyPoints is also a GPT site which provides daily rewards for its users doing a various number of tasks which are similar to Swagbucks such as referring, watching videos, promoting in social media, playing games, reading emails, and even shopping online from their own affiliates.

After collecting enough points through MyPoints, a user can avail these points to purchase everything that is from a small toothbrush to a big refrigerator and even an Amazon Gift Cards.

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Method 5: Mechanical Turks

Mechanical Turks is another way to earn free Amazon Gift Cards. Unlike GPT and survey sites, Mechanical Turks are more like a crowdsourcing site. By performing some small tasks, you can earn a lot of money. Through Mechanical Turks, the Free Amazon Gift Card is straightway directed to your Amazon Payments Account. Now through Amazon Payment Account, you can buy any of the goods available on Amazon.

The most important advantage of Mechanical Turks is that even if you do not wish to spend the amount, then you can transfer it straightway into your bank account. So, you do not need any part-time job to earn money. You can directly switch to Mechanical Turks to add some money in your kitty.

Mechanical Turks
Mechanical Turks

While some of the sites provide Free Amazon Gift Cards through promotional and GPT methods, there are some survey websites which provides you with free Amazon Gift Cards. But for that, you will require to fill out the survey forms so as to meet the requirements.
These sites provide some other perks if don’t wish to choose Free Amazon Gift Cards such as cash, prizes, discounts, and much more.

The best part about these survey sites are that filling surveys do not require much time and in addition to it, filling them is pretty easy. So, here are some of the survey sites which you can access it for free. These are as follows:

Method 6: Opinion Outpost

Sometimes, while filling surveys, there comes a scenario where you have to fill the same details over and over. When this happens, this process usually becomes pretty long and due to which a user faces a lot of difficulties. Opinion Outpost provides you with easygoing and interesting surveys for amazon gift card code free access, which will help you to fill up the surveys easily.

Opinion Outpost
Opinion Outpost

After collective surveys, you can easily redeem Free Amazon Gift Card and other prizes through these points.

Method 7: SurveySpot

The name ‘SurveySpot’ itself defines the meaning. This site is a hub for point collecting surveys. SurveySpot offers you a higher payout in reward points when compared with other sites. Now with these points, you can easily redeem SurveySpot.


Method 8: MySurvey

It is the power of MySurvey which has made your tasks even simpler. It is another reliable survey site which offers Free Amazon Gift Cards to those users who efficiently complete their surveys. The best part of MySurvey is that they are partnered with prominent Tech Giants.


Along with the desktop site, MySurvey is also available as a Mobile App. So just pick your Smartphones and download MySurvey for a better experience?

Method 9: Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions is another survey site which allows you to earn amazon gift cards through surveys. One has to fill out and submit the reviews given to claim free Amazon Gift Cards. Also, you need to e-mail these surveys several times over the year. Though this procedure takes a long time, still it is an excellent method to get Free Amazon Gift Cards.

The Trading method is also something you need for a free Amazon Gift Card. But a question might arise in your mind- a free Amazon Gift Card, no! It is impossible. But with some of the options, you can trade unnecessary things you don’t even own for the useful Amazon gift card code. But all you need is follow these given methods. These are as follows:

Method 10: Amazon Trade-In

Amazon Trade-In itself is a platform provided by Amazon which offers the option to take all of your unused goods in an exchange with Free Amazon Gift Card. Moreover, Amazon Trade-In will ensure to cover all the shipping costs. Thus, this method is pure profit for those users who are willing to exchange the unwanted items with Amazon Gift Cards for the future usage.

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Through Amazon Trade-In, you will get your amount in the form of an Amazon gift card code. Amazon requires several old items such as Books, Electronic devices, Music Player, Smartphones, and much more. For example- if you want to exchange your old smartphone, then through Amazon Trade-In, you can sell it without any hassle. But you need to check for the potential profit by searching for the thing you’ll trade in. For further queries, terms and conditions, you can refer to Amazon’s Official Trade-In page.

Method 11: Gazelle

Gazelle is another platform where you can get amazon gift card codes if you sell all of your old and used electronic stuff in exchange for gift cards, especially for your free Amazon Gift Cards. The rates are pretty competitive if compared, as there is the scope of users selling the same product. If you are not interested in Free Amazon Gift Card, then you can exchange it through payment methods like PayPal.

Gazelle ensures that the product kept in proper condition be given more priority. Also, this product is sold at much higher prices as compared to those products which are not maintained in good condition. So, you should keep this thing in mind while selling your products on Gazelle.

Method 12: Cardpool

Cardpool.com is an official website for trading your old kinds of stuff for unused gift cards. You can convert most of the brand’s gift cards into something that you need (like an Amazon gift card).

Cardpool also offers you cash, if you are not interested in Amazon Gift Cards. Now, you can directly purchase the Amazon gift card or the product or if you wish to keep it in your wallet.

Method 13: Raise.com

Raise.com is another suitable alternative and most popular website for amazon gift card free trading things. It is the online platform where you can sell your unused gift cards, e.g., Food Meal Cards, Gift Vouchers, etc. So, it is just like E-Commerce happening.

Now you can easily convert other Gift Cards in exchange for the free Amazon Gift Cards online. If you are least interested in Amazon Gift Cards, then this site provides you with Cash for the easy Trade-ins. So, you can buy anything directly from Amazon.

Method 14: Coinstar

Coinstar is a traditional service where you insert coins, and get cash. This site provides you an option to trade all the coins in exchange for free Amazon Codes.
Though there is no service charge for the trading process. So, you can exchange your coins as much as want to.


For those people who master in procrastinating, there are some other methods to claim free Amazon Gift Card. These are as follows:

Method 15: Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards provides you an easy way to get free Amazon Gift Cards by rewards. For this, all you need to do is register on Bing Rewards and get started. Now every time you search on Bing, you will earn Bing reward points.

Bing Rewards
Bing Rewards

But there is a daily limit on the points that you will earn as there were several cases of fraudulent. So switch to Bing Search Engine to get your hands filled with gold. Bing search engine offers you with many rewards including free Amazon gift card code.

Method 16: Google Screenwise

To avail amazon free gift card, Google has introduced Google Screenwise. This is meant for Google Chrome users. First of all, you need to add Google Screenwise in your device. After adding Google Screenwise, it will momentarily check your internet usage and side by side; it will give you instant rewards.

Method 17: Promoting Amazon

Consider it as getting a dollar down the street. You should not be surprised if Amazon provides you with various offers and promotions in an exchange with money. This offers and promotions might come as an e-mail or through an account. But a user must ensure that it is not spammed e-mail.

Otherwise, the case might revert to the other side and instead, you will unnecessarily lose your valuable money and Free Amazon Gift Card. Another example might be that Amazon influences you to refer their site to your friend. Here the more you apply to your friends, more the chances become of your earning free Amazon Gift Cards.

How to Redeem a Free Amazon Gift Card?

Most of the websites provide you with free Amazon gift card which you can use to add balance and credit to your account. For those who don’t know how to redeem Amazon Gift Cards, here are some simple steps you need to follow:

  • Open your Amazon Account. Navigate to the Reward section.
  • Select Add Gift Card to account. You will be directed to another page where you will need to enter the code.
  • Enter the alphanumeric code which is given on the Free Amazon Gift Card.
  • Once verified, the gift card amount would be added to your account.
  • Now you can purchase anything from the Amazon Official Site.

Amazon Products and Services

There used to be the time when Amazon used to sell only 20 products online. Since then, with every ladder step Amazon climbed, they influenced many of the sellers to join their corporation. Amazon.com which is the original website provides you with various product lines including media stuffs such as DVDs, books, software, videotapes and music CDs; baby products, apparel , beauty products, consumer electronics, groceries, industrial & scientific supplies, food items, health and personal-care items, kitchen items, jewelry, lawn and garden items, watches, musical instruments, sporting goods, automotive items, tools, and toys & games.

Amazon is now available in various products and services. These are as follows:

  • Amazon Prime
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Alexa
  • Appstore
  • Amazon Drive
  • Echo
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Kindle
  • Fire tablets
  • Fire TV
  • Video
  • Amazon Studios
  • Kindle Store
  • Music
  • Music Unlimited
  • Amazon Digital Game Store
  • Amazon Wireless


Amazon is perhaps, the most successful E-commerce site in this entire world. With the introduction of Free Amazon Gift Card, they have revolutionized their approach to the better future. Users should refer to only the above methods because the chances are that you might fall in the web of Scam. Staying safe is perhaps the best way to express your happiness, isn’t it?


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