Over a past few decades, Digitalization is climbing to its peak. The word itself suggests its importance nowadays with people using gadgets that they could never dream of. With advancement in time and technological, its chain has covered remote areas where still there are fewer resources. To add to this link, Google introduced a mobile operating system “Android” which was a modified version of LINUX which primarily focused on building touchscreen smartphones and tablets. Thus, you must know how to get Free Google Play Codes in 2018 now!

It evolved by the beginning of the 21st century. Till date, it has over 3 billion active users worldwide who define its success scale. Android is basically a user-friendly operating system (OS), and it has gone through several version releases with the current version “Android P 9.0”.

About Google Play Store

Android has been aiming to provide various features and services to attract new users across the globe. One such service “Google Play Store” is a digital distribution which allows the users to browse and download the various applications and games. It was developed with the help of the Android software development kit (SDK). Guess what, it allows a user to develop and publish their self-made applications which act as an interface between user and developer. It basically consists of the Android Market, Google Movies, and the Google eBookstore which cover the requirements of the users.

Now, many of the apps are available free of cost and can easily be installed on an Android device by the Google Play Store App. While some of the apps available are not free and require you to pay a minimal amount to use them. The amount for various apps may vary according to its functionality. Today, there are several ways to purchase these apps with payment methods like Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, etc.

One of the prominent methods to purchase any paid- app is through Google Play Gift Card Codes which is comparatively a less complicated method of purchasing as compared to the other methods like Credit Card. Moreover, it is considered to be a secured method because unlike another method it requires only a code to purchase an app. It’s like getting things you crave the most. But, a question arises – What actually is Google Play Code?

About Google Play Codes

Google Play Codes or Google Play Gift Cards is basically meant for purchasing most of the things on the Google Play Store including Movies, Games, Music, Books, and Apps. Just like other payment methods like PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards, Google Play Codes are legal but can only be used in the Google Play Store.

Free Google Play Credit Codes
Free Google Play Credit Codes

In simple words, it’s key to a treasure vault. Unlike other gift cards, the Play Codes never expire and can be utilized further until they get exhausted. These Play Codes are ideal for those people who don’t have an external account of payment method. It’s an easy and simple method of purchasing. Hence, it’s a package which every individual wish to carry on their pocket.

Why Free Google Play Credit?

As you know that getting free stuff nowadays is quite difficult, it’s far opposite in the case of Google Play Code. Google Play Store is always open in providing the Free Google Play Codes to active as well as the passive users so that they can redeem the vouchers. One can get this Play Code by purchasing or by getting it through free means. But, a question arises – why we need to have these Codes? Were you thinking the same? Well, I’ll answer about that.

Simple, you need numerous apps on your smartphones so that you can work on it. With numerous apps, it implies that the more you have these apps, the more you can work efficiently. There are various paid-apps which we wish to download but are not free. Also, there are some free apps which run on the trial versions and get exhausted in the limited time period.

So, these Free Google Play Codes act like a wallet which ensures an easy gateway to these apps. Moreover, there is a need for digitalization due to the fact that the coming years would change drastically. So, it’s required to shift to these methods as early as possible.

Also, its effective procedure of benefitting the users makes it an ideal option for its usage. Mostly, people avoid to use this option out of the fear that they might lose their valuable money but what they should understand is that this option is far more safe than any other option available as they require more information for the purchasing. Moreover, it’s at an affordable price (or, sometimes free). Now, there are several ways of getting a free Google Play Codes apart from purchasing it.

Free Google Play Codes Generator

Just tap on the button that is present down and get those Google Play code for free. After the generation of the code, you can easily redeem it. Regardless, the process takes a couple minutes to fetch the code from our massive database. Kindly be patient till then.

Free Google Play Codes Generator

Note: – In case the code does not work then there is nothing to worry about. We have a finite set of codes and that one might be just generated somewhere else. In that case, you can simply run the generator again! 🙂

How to Get Free Google Play Codes?

Getting your free Google Play Codes is as simple as purchasing candies from a Grocery Shop. All you need to do is find those different ways to collect these Play Codes. One of the ways is by paying a hefty amount for these free google play credit Codes (say $10, $20, $50) and then you can redeem these Play Codes for purchasing different premium, and upgraded apps, which I am sure leads to exhaustion of your bank balance.

But the advantage is that these are way cheaper as compared to the other sources and is more reliable as these Play Codes have prolonged life and can be redeemed anytime if you wish.

But the thing is that not everyone would like to spend this amount of money to buy these Google Play Codes. So, there are different methods which we can apply to get these free Google Play Codes. These are as follows:

Method 1: Online Surveys (Opinion Rewards)

The Google Opinion Rewards is one of the most prominent ways to collect the Free Google Play Codes and is well supplied by Google itself. Now, all we must do is to register on Google Opinion Rewards and complete the online surveys which are thoroughly conducted by Google Survey Team.

This opinion reward app can easily be downloaded from the Google Play Store and guess what, it is present for both Android and iOS devices. All they need is to download this app from the App Store.

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards

After the completion of each survey, you can earn up to $1. It depends on the surveys availability and your quality performance which will enable you to have more of these surveys. Your chances of getting these Google Play Codes to become more when you get these kinds of surveys. Maybe these surveys might consume your precious time and if you are not comfortable with it, then don’t worry because there are several other methods of availing these Free Google Play Codes.

Method 2: Earn while Fun (Swagbucks)

Swagbucks is one of the biggest and most popular prize portals where you can earn Swag points to get free google play redeem codes by playing games, watching videos, taking surveys, doing online shopping and many more. In Swagbucks, there are several reclamation options from where you can redeem Google Play Gift Card Codes with your Swagbucks points. The best thing about Swagbucks is that it doesn’t require any smartphone and hence it is a widely used method for having these Google Play Codes.


With Swagbucks, users have several alternatives to collect google play redeem code and enjoy as well, unlike the various Opinion Surveys where there was only one way to collect these Play Codes.

Method 3: Earning While Downloading (FreeMyApps)

FreeMyApps is another way of acclaiming the free Google Play Codes where you can earn bonus points by downloading certain sponsored apps and games. It also has some other alternatives where you can refer your friends to download apps through your referral code.


Through FreeMyApps, one can also earn google play credit by watching YouTube videos of your choice. In FreeMyApps, we have another option of donating if you have earned little extra bonus points which is different as compared to other methods.

Method 4: JunoWallet

JunoWallet is another great app where you can earn Google Play Credit similar to the other methods like downloading featured games and apps, watching ads, videos and more. In JunoWallet, there is one unique feature to earn points, that is, by making calls and grasping the mystery rewards. But the condition is that you need to open this reward otherwise quickly it disappears within a few seconds.


You can refer your friends to join JunoWallet and can earn a few extra google play gift card codes. The more friends you refer, the more you earn. After certain Juno points, one can easily redeem the credits for Google Play Codes. The best part is that you can trade these points online if you are not in interest for Google Play Codes.

Method 5: AppNana

AppNana is another successful app which helps you get Google Play Codes. Unlike other apps, AppNana gives you nanas (points) for daily logging which means more points in a comparatively short span of time. Other than this, the app also delivers free nanas to those who download featured games and apps.


Hope this answers your question of, “how to get free google play credit“. You can redeem those earned nanas through Google Play, and AppNana will convert it into Free Google Play Codes.

Method 6: Tap Cash Rewards

Tap Cash Rewards is another reliable source through which we can earn and redeem the points by downloading free apps, games, videos and so on. In this app, with 1000 points, you can easily earn a $1 Google Play Gift Card.

Tap Cash Rewards
Tap Cash Rewards

This app provides free points through logging, irrespective of the fact whether you use it daily or not.

Method 7: InstaGC

InstaGC implies Instant Gift Cards and is another way of getting Free Google Play Codes through various methods like Surveys, online videos, shopping, web search and so on. Unlike other apps, its points have a remarkable value as 100 points means that you will earn around $1 in Google Play Gift Cards.


There are more bonus points when you listen to music, visits sites from featured sponsors. By referral method, you can earn additional points which means that the chance of getting a free Google Play Card becomes much higher compared to other available sources.

Method 8: FeaturePoints

FeaturePoints is another way of earning free Google Play Codes. The app renews itself daily which means that you can download new featured games and apps efficiently. Moreover, you get points even after you decide to withdraw the plan to end its usage.


The app provides free points by referring, and hence you can refer to as many friends as you want. Also, these points can easily redeem and can exchange for Google Play Credits, Paid apps, or online gift cards.

Method 9: Gift Box

As the name itself suggests, Gift Box is a useful and innovative method to earn Google Play Cards. It’s among the highest ranked app with an incredible number of satisfied customers all across the globe.

Basically, this app is similar to other apps and provides you with free points when you download featured apps, games, watch videos, referring friends, and logging it daily. But the best part about the app is that it hosts a spin wheel to earn an enormous award if your luck plays well.

Method 10: Samsung Devices

It sounds insane, isn’t it? But yes, it’s true. After Google devices, Samsung now offers you with free Google Play Cards when you purchase any of their devices.

Google Play Redeem Codes with Samsung Devices
Google Play Redeem Codes with Samsung Devices

Moreover, you can claim up to $25 Google Play Cards, and it depends upon the hot purchases you make with them. You can check out the link below for more exciting offers

Method 11: Chromecast Device

Still wondering how to get free google play money? Nowadays, Google offers you free Google Play Gift Cards when you purchase a Chromecast device. A Chromecast device enables users to initiate and control playback of audiovisual content on HD television or home audio system.

But the amount for the Google Play Code may vary as you might earn from $5 to $10 and it totally depends on them. Moreover, it may depend on the amount that users spend on buying a particular Chromecast device.

Method 12: BoomAGift

This app called BoomAGift is another way of earning Google Play Code as they offer you Google Play Credit while downloading and playing games.


Though you need to be an active user as it doesn’t provide you with much of the Credit after some time, you might get exciting rewards.

Method 13: Cubic Reward

Cubicer (or, Cubic Reward) offers Free Google Play Codes, and it totally depends on installing apps, games and much more.

More points are granted when you keep the app for a longer period. These points can redeem through PayPal or Balance Cards which makes it much more convenient for the users.

Method 14: Bing Rewards

Using Bing and Bing rewards, one can acclaim the Google Play Cards. The search engine Bing offers you browsing as well as these rewards.

Bing Rewards
Bing Rewards

And one can totally rely on using it as it’s a much more secure method of obtaining Play Codes. Though you need to perform some difficult tasks for Bing. But there is an assurance that you will definitely get the Google Play Codes.

Method 15: Gameflip

Gameflip is a game hub and a marketplace where one can sell unwanted Free Google Play Codes, Gift Cards, PSN codes, etc. at reasonable prices.

Gift Cards on GameFlip
Gift Cards on GameFlip

Here, you can shop for Console games, Movies, and much more at an affordable price. You can even buy and sell your Gift cards.

Method 16: Gift Wallet

These are similar to all other apps, and it’s available for Android as well as iOS. Here you just need to complete the featured offers, earn and redeem the points for Free Google Play Codes.

One can refer to their friends to join the apps, and from that, they can collect the points. But here, you will get these gift cards on e-mail, unlike the other apps. So, the e-mail should be in working condition.

How to Redeem Google Play Codes?

Now, you might be in a conflict- How to redeem Google Play Codes? So, here are the simple steps through which you can redeem free Google Play Codes. These are:

Redeem Google Play Codes
Redeem Google Play Codes
  1. Log in to your Play Account by going to play.google.com
  2. Now, search for those premium apps or games which you want to purchase.
  3. Click the BUY option to confirm the purchase and then click on Continue.
  4. Then, click on the Payment method by clicking on it and then select Google Play Gift Card Balance to pay for the particular app or game you want.
  5. Once your transaction is complete, you can use your app or game on your device.


Hope this answers your question of how to earn google play credit. Google Play Codes is an ultimate package where you can not only buy or purchase the required product. But can also access to millions and millions of human innovations and research. Promoting digitalization has become an integral part of the coming generation. Where not only you avail the required facilities, but can also ensure to create awareness among the society.

Getting a Google Play Code is itself a boon where it ensures its maximum output at an affordable price to the users. Also, it helps a user realize the importance of safety and security. It’s may be possible to say that if the rate goes high in the upcoming time. Then there is a possibility that things like Free Google Play Codes will replace cash currency. Think about it!


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