For over a decade, Social Networking Sites are in trend. There used to be a time when people use to convey their message through fax, telephone, post letters and many more. But, with the growing need for faster communication, there came a huge demand from users to widen the area for other means, so that they could convey their messages to the other half easily. To fulfill this ambition of users, some developers burnt their midnight oil. They introduced many of the social networking sites for users to get comfortable with. First of all their purpose was restricted to a few of the features like Profile pictures, chats and friend requests. Thus, you must know how to get free Instagram followers now!

Eventually, as the time rolled by, these developers started getting involved in other features like Posts, Pages, video calling and much more. Now, people started showing keen interests in this area, and at last, the most popular social networking site Facebook was launched in February 2004. This site is so much popular that you can very well imagine that over 2.2 billion users are active monthly. In this regard, there came another social networking site which aimed to provide features that were different from Facebook and it was none other than Instagram.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a video-sharing and picture social networking site which was made by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom in October 2010. This app provided various features including uploading photos and videos with many filters. The site also introduced the system of tags and location information. Along with this, it includes the features of following other users, like the posts, stories on a daily basis and many more.

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram gained much popularity to be counted. In two months’ time span, the company got registered with one million users. In one year, the company got 10 million users, and by latest surveys held in September 2017, the company had over 800 million users.

What is Instagram?
What is Instagram?

Facebook acquired Instagram at US$ 1 billion in cash and stock, simply defining its successful acquisition. Due to policy and interface changes, Instagram has been the subject of criticism. Still, it provides the best service regarding customer’s satisfaction. So, if you are bored by other social networking sites, get ready to shift the gears by switching to Instagram.

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How to Get Free Instagram Followers in 2019

The main question which arises here should be- “Why free Instagram Followers?” Have you ever wondered how your life would be in four walls of the room? Maybe, some might fall prey to claustrophobia (a phobia of extreme or irrational fear of confined places). Similarly, what will happen when you see that you don’t have any of Instagram followers? Well, the truth is that everyone wants to be surrounded with people so that they can share their thoughts and ideas. And that is why you need Instagram followers.

Also, you will get immense love from the crowd where you will come across with getting more likes, comments, shares and much more. What about fame and money? Well, you will get everything once you come under the list of blue tick. There are basically two methods by which you can get instant free Instagram followers. These are as follows:

  • Manual Method
  • Organic Method

To get free Instagram followers, these are the following manual methods which will surely help you. These are:

Method 1: Like4like

Like4like is one of the sites which will help you know how to get more followers on instagram as well as likes. The site provides its services to various websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, Pinterest, Vine, and many others. To get likes and followers from Like4like, here are the following steps which you need to follow:

  1. In this website, you need to earn points to get free Instagram followers.
  2. Create one account where you want more followers.
  3. Register yourself in the site and add that media profile.
  4. Through media profile, you will earn more points.
  5. Add your Instagram username and start liking or following on the website.
  6. For each like and follow, you will get around 9 or 10 points free. But when you decide to add some followers, your points will be deducted automatically.
  7. After registering and following the above procedure, you’ll get many followers within an hour’s exchanging.

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Advantages of Like4like

  • It is fast and quick step to get Instagram followers. Thus, you won’t be waiting for getting more followers.
  • Like4like provides full support to the new as well as existing users.
  • Like4like, give out weekly bonuses and rewards to the users.
  • It allows points for every follower, like, comments, shares, subscribers and page likes.
  • In case of unsuccessful deductions, the site ensures to give all the points back.

Disadvantages of Like4like

  • Sometimes too many liking may hamper the user account temporarily.
  • This algorithm doesn’t work sometimes.

Method 2: Boostagram

The name very suggests its traits. Boostagram is 100% mobile friendly site where you don’t need to download the app. What it does is that it helps you focus your photos or videos to a specific location or an audience. Thus, helps you in increasing followers. For that, you need first to select a favorable time to post. This helps you get the most of the followers.


Moreover, you can also use Boostagram to promote your profile which will help you in getting free Instagram followers. However, this service is premium, and you have to pay a certain amount. But there is a three-day free trial. One can access to multiple free trials by creating 5-10 additional emails and signing in for each one of them after your trial expires.

Method 3: Followers Pro +

It is an app which provides you to gain free Instagram followers instantly in the community. It is exclusively present on iOS and works on analytics and figures. In this user is shown what type of audience you mostly have, what designs don’t work with your followers, what kind of products you should promote, etc.

Followers Pro +
Followers Pro +

Method 4: Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a premium tool to get followers on instagram which is available for only iOS devices. Apart from getting free Instagram followers, it supports the other users of sites YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Word Press Blogs. The basic functionality of this app is that it promotes your business, pictures, account, blog which ultimately drives more users for you.


Crowdfire can help you get the best marketing team services to promote your content. It also tracks the audience behavior, their likes, and dislikes and hence they will suggest you what to post and what not to.

Method 5: Relaxed Social

Relaxed Social is another platform where you can get more number of free followers on instagram. It is just like a digital marketing company which understands your concerns and requests. Thereby, it will suggest you with multiple options which could help you increase the number of followers.

Relaxed Social
Relaxed Social

Unfortunately, Relaxed Social is a premium app which costs around $99 for a month’s service, $249 for a quarter, and $399 for six months. All you need is signing up on Instagram and start liking, commenting and following the other users to attract other followers.

Method 6: Hublaagram

It is an automation platform for getting likes, comments, and followers. You don’t need to toil hard to get the free Instagram followers. This is for those users who need to show off for getting free followers. But first, you need to allow permission from the website to post, like and comment on other posts.


For this, all you need to do is register on Hublaagram, allow permission for the website via account, and collect the access token. After that paste it into Redirect link and that is all you need to do for free followers.

Method 7: FollowLike

FollowLike is meant for those users who want free Instagram followers without having any Premium Membership in their Back Pocket. This site provides its services to over 200 countries and 250000+ members. This site contains free Instagram followers’ exchanges, YouTube exchanges, Reddit exchanges, Facebook exchanges and much more. Through this exchange, you can avail the coins which will help you get more users in your account.


Other than the Manual method, there are other methods to get free Instagram Followers. Though it may not be effective every time, still, it will help you get some followers. Some of the organic methods are as follows:

Method 8: Post Consistently

Consistency is the key to success. Posting frequently helps you attract more users and hence it helps you get free Instagram Followers. But it should be a nice and unique post.

Method 9: Hashtags

Hashtags involves featuring on a page of the same Hashtags. It may be something related to a hot topic like dancing, music, singing, etc. More you include these Hashtags. More users switch to your accounts. But you should ensure to have a public account. Otherwise, your post will not be shown in the Hashtags.

Method 10: Keep Your Account Confined

Confiding your account will help you get more users as they will be curious to know about you. So don’t surprise if you see more friend request while having a private account.

Method 11: Promoting Products and Merchandise

One of the main reasons why celebrities have more free instagram likes is just because of the fact that they are sponsored by many brands and companies. So, don’t get surprised if you get more number of followers while sponsoring a brand.

Method 12: Like Others Post

This is another consistent method by which you can get free instagram followers just by liking and commenting on others post. Chances are 50-50 that they will follow you. But you should maintain this habit throughout.

Method 13: Link Your Other Social Media Accounts

Well through this method, you will definitely get your friends’ request. Also, this will help other active users to know more about you. Thus, it will help you overcome the overall deficit of followers to some extent. So, try to include at least one social media account with it like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Method 14: Create Good Content

A good content is value to everyone. While posting, always ensure to keep a good content which will definitely eye down the others users. For that, you need to go to ‘Settings ‘and change it in such a way that your profile only shows your best posts.

Method 15: Write an Awesome Bio

Bio is something which helps to describe you. For example- some of the users opt to tell a bit about themselves, while some of them keep it blank. Well, those who decorate their bio well tend to attract more users than those who don’t.

Method 16: Be Yourself

The truth is always in appreciation by others. If you decide to be you then you will definitely get rewards otherwise you will get nothing. So, always try to be you.

Method 17: Buy Someone’s Account

There are many popular users who would like to sell their account. So, go ahead and buy instagram followers or an account which suits you the best.

Method 18: Join Discussions

Joining discussions always helps you get more free instagram followers. So find some useful and interesting conversations and make yourself feel comfortable with it.

Tools and Features of Instagram that You Must Know

Here are a few of tools and features which you will require while using an Instagram account. These are as follows:

  1. The User can upload photographs and short videos and follow other users’ feeds.
  2. The User can include Hashtags and location service to keep other people updated about it. It helps you locate that particular positions and update you regarding the similar posts by the other users. Also, it enables you to attract more users to follow you.
  3. It includes access to other sites which enable to share uploaded posts to other sites.
  4. It includes new and live filters, high-resolution photographs, one-click rotation, instant tilt-shift, and many more for customer’s convenience and benefits.
  5. Zoom feature allowed users to zoom the screen on photos and videos easily and efficiently.
  6. The Users can save the posts as the bookmarked pages where they can access to it from the account anytime they want.
  7. Instagram approved a maximum of 10 pictures in one single post allowing more expandability.
  8. Instagram included portrait and landscape picture instead of square format giving more options to users.
  9. They included archive posts which let users hide posts in a private storage area that prevented deletion of posts by a user due to reasons like boredom, less number of likes and other causes.
  10. Instagram started organizing comments into threads, letting users more easily interact with replies.
  11. Instagram launched a portrait mode called “focus mode,” which blurs the background. Thus, giving the best picture quality as possible.
  12. Explore tab which displays popular photos, searches and many more with featured trending tags and places, location search, and contents.
  13. Instagram added a “Videos You May Like” channel along with “Events” channel which includes featured videos, live shows (events) and other things like sports games.
  14. Now you can add stories where you can give daily updates on all the happenings in your life. It also includes an option “save in drafts” where you can save any picture or video in drafts if you don’t want to post it.
  15. Live video option in the story section allows you to go live whenever you feel like.
  16. Bluetick is the sign that you are entitled as Celebrity by Instagram. They know how to get followers on instagram. A lot of luxuries are provided by Instagram to these eminent personalities including millions of dollars per post (well, it depends on how popular they are).

What is Instagram Direct?

You can have private chats with your friends by clicking on the direct option which is on the top of the right panel. The best part is that if the user is not following a particular user and if he/she replies you, then it will be shown as the pending message. Now the user has the right whether to accept it or not. It also has the feature that if you want to show something to a user regarding some posts, then you can directly show them by opting on direct option beside the comment section.

Instagram Direct
Instagram Direct

From there you can choose the user to whom you want to show something. It also contains a camera that lets you take a photo, and from there you can send it to the various recipient. Sounds fun, isn’t it? In April 2017, Instagram combined all the permanent and non-permanent messages in the direct section to help users avoid any more complications. Further improvements were made in the areas of sending photos in their original portrait and landscape orientation.

What is IGTV?

IGTV (or, Instagram TV) is a vertical video application which was launched recently in June 2018. It allows you to upload a video of length for up to 10 minutes with the file size of up to 650 MB. The best part for verified and eminent users is that they can upload their videos of up to 1 hour with the file size of up to 5.4 GB. Interesting, isn’t it?


Once you click on IGTV option given beside direct option, it will automatically play the videos which are uploaded by the other users. Based on that, you can watch the videos you like and guess what, it contains various categories like Popular, For You, Following, etc., which will guide you accordingly.

Achievements and awards

Since, its arrival, Instagram has been most influential social media and has won many awards like Runner-up in “Best Mobile App” in 2010, Apple’s “App of the year” in 2011, “Best Locally Made App” award in September 2011 and many more. All these awards proved one thing that Instagram has risen up to the zenith.


Hope this answers your question of how to get instagram followers. Summing up like this would not be the best way to describe the success that Instagram made throughout this years. Still, it maintained the decorum of being an app which changes as per the customer’s demand. Instagram regularly maintain its features by updating and fixing if required. The ideas that they put up is in high appreciation by customers for gaining free instagram followers. And that is why this app gets outstanding results in terms of every parameters and criterion.



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