Ever since the Apple evolved, the word digitalization took a high pace. Founded on April 1st, 1976, Apple has been serving their customers with satisfaction in everyone’s face. Founded by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne and of course late Steve Jobs, Apple designed their destiny with climbing mountains. It is a multinational technology company headquartered in California, USA. Their primary targets are developing, planning, and selling consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Thus, you must know how to get a nice Free iTunes Gift Card for yourself.

Most of their hardware products such as the iPad tablet computer, the Mac personal computer, the iPhone smartphone, the iPod portable media player, and the HomePod smart speaker are manufactured by Apple Inc. to facilitate the requirements of its customer. Other than this, Apple also provides various online services such as the iTunes Store, the iOS App Store and Mac App Store, Apple Music, and iCloud.

In revenue, Apple is the world’s largest information technology company which amounts to the total of $229 billion as per 2017 records. In 2017, Apple witnessed its value up to the US $1 trillion. According to Forbes magazine, Apple is the most profitable company in the world. All these shreds of evidence lead us to the point that Apple is the best Global Company. iTunes is another online service provided by Apple to meet the demands of its users.

What is iTunes?

iTunes is an online service application which consists of features such as media player, Internet radio broadcaster, media library and mobile device management. Apple introduced this application on January 9, 2001. What’s new in iTunes? Its primary focus is to provide music with a library organization, collection as well as storing users’ music collections.

Various options such as sound optimization, wireless sharing is available on iTunes. Later, its progress expanded with the introduction of e-books, podcasts, and a section for managing mobile apps. Though, this feature was only present for Apple’s iOS operating system. But due to some reasons, these features were discontinued.

iTunes Credit
iTunes Credit

Though when iTunes introduced, it required activation. This activation mechanism persists until iOS 5 released in 2011. Newer iOS devices depend less on the iTunes software. But it is still used for the transfer of files between a computer and individual iOS applications as well as for backup and restoration of phone contents.

Though, iTunes faced a lot of criticism due to bloating (problems due to slowing, disk and memory consumption, higher hardware requirements). Still, iTunes was much-awaited service need that every iOS user wished. To facilitate its users with different kinds of stuff, Apple introduced iTunes Gift Cards. From these iTunes Gift Cards, a user has rights to download any paid apps, games, multimedia files and of course music.

What exactly is iTunes Gift Card?

A Free iTunes Gift Card is the path which directs you to the world of real entertainment. From these Gift Cards, you can purchase any paid stuff provided by iTunes. But for that, you need to buy a Gift Card. Otherwise; you will end up having only a few apps in your account.

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One can also gift iTunes Gift Card to their close ones because it will only cost you few bucks to buy a Gift Card. Each iTunes gift card has different amount value like $25, $50, $100 and is used to purchase paid games, apps, movies, books, and the Music Gift card from iTunes Gift Card. An iTunes Gift Card provides you three month to 12-month music subscriptions.

Free iTunes Gift Card Generator

Just tap on the button that is present down and get those iTunes Gift Cards for free. After the generation of the code, you can easily redeem it. Regardless, the process takes a couple minutes to fetch the code from our massive database. Kindly be patient till then.

Free iTunes Gift Card Generator

Note: – In case the code does not work then there is nothing to worry about. We have a finite set of codes and that one might be just generated somewhere else. In that case, you can simply run the generator again! 🙂

How to get Free iTunes Gift Card in 2019?

Getting free iTunes Gift Cards is not an easy deal at all. Although, there are several myths that if a company is famous all over the world, there are chances of getting more such kinds of methods of getting free itunes gift card codes. Apple Inc. is very cautious about these kinds of activities happening on the internet and therefore, there are almost fewer chances of getting free iTunes Gift Cards. But still, there are some legal ways of getting your free iTunes Gift Cards.

But for that, you need to follow some simple steps which are mentioned in this article. The codes which are extracted out of these free iTunes gift cards are free to use and are completely safe.

iTunes itself ensure the safety of using these codes as they register these codes as legal working codes. So, go ahead and scratch your luck by following these simple methods given below:

Method 1: Bing Rewards

Yes, you heard it right. Search Engine Bing also provides you with free rewards and who knows you get your first free iTunes Gift Card from Bing. But yes, it requires patience. Yes, nothing is possible with the troubled mind. Bing search engine is one of the best alternatives if you frequently need the help of searching things on the internet for Free iTunes Gift Card. For that, you need to sign up in Microsoft account to get access to the Bing Rewards program. Most importantly, signing on the Bing Rewards is free.

Bing Rewards
Bing Rewards

After that surf on Bing as much as you want. But there is a daily limit to which you will get free rewards. Along with searching, users can play some quick search daily quizzes to get some additional itunes gift card code through quizzes. For your knowledge, we will tell you the exact data on how you will get rewarded. From two searches on Bing, they pay you with 1 point. You can earn daily up to 15 points from your PC and 10 points from your smartphone.

After collecting enough points, you can redeem them to get your free iTunes Gift Cards. For combined 500 points, you will get a $5 iTunes Gift Card. Though, one can reduce these points to 475 points, if they cross the search limit.

Method 2: Online Rewards Program

Online Rewards Program is one of the best ways to earn Free iTunes Gift Card no matter what it costs. For that, you need to sign up on Online Gift Cards to register yourself for this program and perform some tasks to fulfill the requirement of becoming eligible for the Gift Cards.

But if you are afraid of spam, then please don’t give them your e-mail id because they might send you endless e-mails for the same. So, for that make a different account as you will rescue yourself from the burden of deleting those spam e-mails.

Earn Free iTunes Gift Card
Earn Free iTunes Gift Card

After signing, ensure that the given website is safe and authorized because there is a chance that they ask you to provide details like Credit Cards and all which you should not offer as it tells that website is not safe. So, here are the best itunes gift card codes websites which you must refer if you want to claim Rewards. These are as follows:

  • My Points
  • Free E-Bay Gift Card
  • PointsPrizes
  • My Coke Rewards

In the Online Rewards Program, you need is to fill and complete some surveys, watch videos, watch featured videos, download sponsored apps, play games and much more. These tasks would reward you with some points which you can collect and once you require, you can exchange it for your free iTunes Gift Cards.

Other than this, if you want to add some reward points, then you can purchase various kinds of stuff online. For that, you need to write your opinions and feedback about the products and services online. You can also play games, surf the game and all to claim these benefits and rewards. You can also earn some free iTunes Gift Cards by sharing your thoughts and ideas.

In Online Rewards Program, for every 1000 & 2000 points, you will get a $10-$20 iTunes Gift Cards. If you’re dedicated, you will earn hefty free itunes gift card codes, and who knows it goes the other way around. So, I discourage you from using these sites as they can be a scam. They will show you a lot of spams and promotion email links. But as mentioned earlier, you can quickly add a separate email account to claim these rewards.

These platforms do provide you with some cool tasks if you bored of filling the survey forms over and over.

Method 3: Social Media

You may not be surprised if I tell you that you can earn free iTunes Gift Card from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or any other social media. But for that, you will need first to follow their page. Every time you encounters with free codes uploaded by these pages, you should avail it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, there are a lot of other users who are in the hunt for these codes.

So, you must go ahead and speedily take these codes. Other cases might be the free giveaways and contests where users or followers that “Like” or share some specific posts get prizes such as PSN Codes or free iTunes Gift Cards as a token of appreciation. The best way is to start looking for groups and share these posts in your closed community groups.

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Method 4: Swagbucks

I was not surprised at all when I typed this word ‘Swagbucks’ because this site is so popular that it gives free Swag for several other platforms such as PlayStation Network, Xbox, and many more. Swagbucks is another GPT (Get Paid To) site that offers you reward points for performing various jobs. It is becoming the most reliable way to earn swag points in an exchange with free iTunes Gift Cards.


Here, Swagbucks provides you with several ways to win free Swags for free itunes codes which include Promotions, referral, trading through electronic trade-ins, social media sharing, and many more. The best way to earn Swag points is by registering up for an Audible subscription for only $1. When you sign up on Swagbucks, you will immediately get 800 Swag points which are enough for you to get one $3 gift card and $5 free iTunes Gift Card.

Hence, it becomes the most effective as well as the fastest way of getting free iTunes Gift Cards, and above all, you can blindly trust this way.

Method 5: Gather.com for free iTunes Gift Cards

If you are fond of writing your articles, poems or any other stuff, then Gather is the best way to earn extra points to claim your free iTunes Gift Cards. For that, you will need to first sign up on Gather. After that, you will need to write on your areas of interest like Art, Science, Literature or any other fields. Once you wrote about it, then you can upload it on the website through your account. After that, you will have to wait and watch for the audience. More you get views, shares, comments, and likes; the more you will get free points.

The best part about Gather is that you can discuss your queries by forming your groups. There you address your questions without any hassle. Once you collected enough points on Gather, you can redeem all of your earned points. In case you do not want the free iTunes Gift Cards, Gather also offers you with PayPal Balance.

Method 6: Newsletters for Free iTunes Gift Card

Newsletters are the best way to subscribe and promote the products in exchange to win a free iTunes gift card. But you need to be careful while signing a newsletter as these might be scams and chances are decidedly less with the number of competitors.

So, opt for the newsletter which is trusted and authorized and do not give them your details like CC information, DOB, address, location, account number, etc. or any other information as they might misuse your privacy.

Beware! Generator Sites are scams!

Many people use their devices to opt for some illegal apps which might initially help you at first to achieve your goal but on a long course, they harm you.

These fake websites providing Free iTunes Gift Card are generally Generator scams. But first, we will throw light on how to get these free iTunes Gift Cards online using legal ways as believe me; we are not providing you some wrong information. These methods are 100% working methods without any scam trick or fake generator. For that what you need to do is follow our simple guide.

These generator sites mainly provide you with incorrect information regarding codes. They are using these sites to misguide you, to make you believe with their words. Eventually, at first you might follow their guide just for the sake of these free Gift Codes, and at last, you will get to know that you lost your valuable time.

Note: These generator sites might sometime extract your personal information like Bank Account details, Name, Personal ID, etc. Don’t give these details to them as they might misuse this information and after that, you will fall prey to victimitis. So, do avoid these kinds of situation to get Free iTunes Gift Card with legal ways. Moreover, these generator sites might pose a threat to your system as most of them are not secured. Also, hacker develops some of these sites. So, they might hack your system.

How to redeem your Free iTunes Gift Card?

Here are some simple steps you need to follow to redeem your free iTunes Gift Cards. For this, you don’t need to do anything extra. These are as follows:

  1. Create an iTunes account if you do not have one.
  2. Create an iTunes allowance.
  3. Go to the iTunes Store.
  4. Select the Quick Link option on your given right screen.
  5. Select Buy iTunes Gift Cards.
  6. There enter your name and the name of the recipient, and the individual Apple IDs.
  7. Enter the code given on your iTunes Gift Cards.
  8. Kaboom! You will automatically get your iTunes Reward from it.

Advantages of Free iTunes Gift Cards

Many users might ponder on this point, “What are the advantages of free iTunes Gift Cards?” Well here is the real reason that you should grab your free iTunes Gift Cards Codes. These are as follows:

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  • Every code is tested and verified. Before they delivered to the respective users, all the iTunes cards are cross-checked to ensure if they are working correctly or not. That is why their success rate is 100%.
  • These free iTunes Gift Card work on all operating devices like iPods, mobile phones, desktops, and tablets and so on. So, it is a guarantee that you will not face any problems while running the free iTunes Gift Cards.
  • You don’t need to waste your internet as there is no need to download these gift cards. They will automatically come to you. So, there is no way of going through all that either.
  • These free iTunes Gift Cards are also effortless to use and will only take up to three minutes to be in use.
  • The user can download a card in a day. For this, you should have access to download the universal codes to make use of it whenever you wish. You will also have an advantage of sharing the cards with your friends and family.


The methods of getting a free iTunes Gift Cards are almost similar to the other Gift Cards whether it is through GPT or any other way. Still, you can use these Gift Cards to get a free Apple Music Subscription, games, premium apps, and many more. It is a request not to opt for a generator site as they are still not a useful way of getting free iTunes Gift Cards. Rest it is up to you what do you want: Safety or Deceive.


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