With growing market demand, the world is experiencing a new change in terms of digitalization. A few decades back, the world was so primitive that it couldn’t afford to buy a two square meal. In those difficult times, some developed and developing countries revolutionize their plans and ideas for the betterment of the future. Slowly and gradually, they introduced the five generations of computers. Soon, the technological advancement led to a shift for a better world. Thus, you must know how to get Free PSN Codes in 2019 legally.

Guess what, with the advancement, there was a huge boon of these things in the marketplace. The crowd demanded more features and updates which led to a more digitalized world. But above all, there was a group who insisted on something in the field of games and consoles. Eventually, the concept of video games was started with the games like Mario, Contra, Pacman, and so on. Now slowly and gradually, this group increased to thousands and millions which led to a sudden increase in demand. Some genius coined the term ‘gamers’ to all those game freaks and addicts.

Now, due to the increase in market scale, companies started paying more attention to it and slowly and gradually they started manufacturing these products on a large scale. To add to the contrary, PSN was launched in November 2006. It aimed for excellence in terms of better features, graphics, and other criteria in the field of the gaming world.

What is PSN?

PSN is nothing but PlayStation Network. It is a multiple purpose digital entertainment services provided by Sony Interactive Entertainment which aimed to increase the users for the PlayStation video game consoles, but soon it extended its web in the field of smartphones, tablets, high definition televisions and many more. According to a database, it has over 110 million users with over 70 million users active. PSN provides its service in the field of PlayStation Video, PlayStation Music, PlayStation Now, and many more.

What is PSN?
What is PSN?

PlayStation has launched many of the video game consoles and handhelds such as PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Portable. In gaming consoles, PlayStation is a complete package offering various cooperative and competitive multiplayer games along with solo games. It consists of software such as “ShareFactory” and “The Playroom”.

ShareFactory is nothing but a screenshot, video and music editor which allows you to capture your favorite gaming moments. Whereas, The Playroom is the collection of short mini-games where you can turn on your living room into a TV studio, and from there you can broadcast live and share your information with different members. PSN has some unique features. It includes:

Lists Friend

What about gaming software which includes friend lists. Isn’t it awesome? PSN has Free PSN Codes and allows you to have as many as 200 friends in PS3 and 2000 friends in PS4 and PSVita. Now you can communicate as well as play with your friends online.

Portable ID

Portable ID includes your own online ID. It will be a little infographic, which will showcase all of your personal details as well as the achievements and the trophies won.

Online Gaming

PSN includes cooperative and competitive multiplayer, as well as matchmaking and cross-platform play in supported titles. Now, you can compete with different players across the globe and can participate in various platforms and tournaments.

Remote Play

Users are provided with the ‘remote play’ concept. In foreign play concept, one can use their Sony Xperia smartphone, PlayStation Vita, and the tablet to stream the gameplay video from PS4 to a handheld. Thus, it allows the user to play remotely from anywhere.

Share Play

It allows a user to invite their friends to join the game session. The finest part about it is that even if your friend doesn’t have a copy of the game, still they can play with you.

Parental Controls

It includes limiting the access for that gamer whose age doesn’t breach the protocol of the game. The finest part about it is that it includes a block list where you can ban or disallow the other users from contact.


PSN has another unique feature which includes messaging where you can chat with your friends and other users without many complications.


PSN contains in-game award system such as trophies which describes your overall performance. The finest part about it is that it describes your overall performance.

PlayStation Live

PlayStation helps you browse any live or archived game streams. Thus, it helps you connect with the outside world. Now, you can join any broadcasting stream which is available on PSN.

What are PSN Codes?

PSN codes are those codes which help you purchase downloadable games in the PlayStation Store. It is used by the younger person who doesn’t have access to credit card and can’t purchase their PSN subscription. Every PSN Gift Card has its own unique code which can be availed easily. Each code has its unique identity and is represented either by the currency used in your country or by a certain value that is expressed in the number of dollars. In order to exchange the code, one must visit the PS Store.

Either you can purchase these Free PSN Codes or search for other free alternatives. Purchasing free PSN code is very simple. One must visit nearby PS Store to purchase these PSN codes.

Free PSN Codes Generator

Just tap on the button that is present down and get those Google Play code for free. After the generation of the code, you can easily redeem it. Regardless, the process takes a couple minutes to fetch the code from our massive database. Kindly be patient till then.

Free PSN Codes Generator

Note: – In case the code does not work then there is nothing to worry about. We have a finite set of codes and that one might be just generated somewhere else. In that case, you can simply run the generator again! 🙂

How to get Free PSN Codes?

Getting a Free PSN Codes, that too for free is not a complicated task at all. These PSN codes may work based on its availability. All you need is to do is follow these simple methods. These are: Method 1:

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Method 1: Points Sites

These sites are basically reward point websites which give you a chance to earn free playstation ps plus codes by completing offers. The only thing you need to do is to register an account and earn enough points so that you can get a free PSN Codes.

But you need to ensure not to fall in terms and conditions because they might hinder your chances for claiming these free PSN Codes. Always try to reveal your original identity because most of these sites never accept your proposal just because you gave incorrect information. Most of these codes would be US origin, so make sure to check it wisely otherwise you will not be able to procure the free codes. So, you need to start looking for referral programs which will increase the chances of availability. Some of the famous Points sites are as follows:

Earn Free PSN Codes
Earn Free PSN Codes

• PrizeRebel
• GrabPoints
• PointsPrizes

Method 2: Trading Codes (The Barter System)

In Pre- Medieval times, when coins and currency were not introduced, The Barter System was the only method which existed. In Barter System, people use to exchange their valuable goods with the items that they want. Though nowadays it’s not so popular, still if you want to claim these playstation plus codes, then there are some popular sites like ‘Reddit’ and ‘eBay’ from where you can claim these codes. It will help you save your money for other stuff. But you should check the authenticity of the code otherwise you might fall into the trap.

Method 3: Giveaways Sites

Purchasing a PlayStation is always a better idea. But what happens when you realize that you are bound to play the same game over and over? Then all you can imagine is sitting on a couch and regretting. But, the better option would be to search for this giveaway sites. On the internet, there are a ton of giveaways for these codes. On the social platform, such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. you can find and claim these giveaways. But sometimes, these giveaways are distributed and sponsored by those companies which are protected.

In such cases, it’s always difficult to claim these giveaways. Some of the cases, the channel which gives these giveaways has millions of followers. In such cases, it’s quite difficult to extract a free giveaway. Some of them like ‘Tech Channels’ sponsors’ huge giveaways. So, you must check the availability of free giveaways. Famous sites like ‘Reddit’ too give thousands of giveaways. So, to check whether its available on Reddit, you must refer to this link: https://www.reddit.com/r/giveaways

Method 4: Free PSN Code Generator & Hack Sites

These sites are usually less reliable just because of the fact that it’s an illegal way of procuring free PSN codes. Usually, these kinds of sites generate the PSN codes by asking you the exact amount which you want to have. After that, they will start the scamming process which involves giving fake messages like ‘Generating Codes’.

These fake messages will be displayed to make you believe that it’s real. But the fact is that these sites are not promising at all. They might hack PSN servers just to claim the code which is an illegal method. Also, there could be another scenario, where they could ask you the details like the credit card, PayPal, etc. So, you should avoid such sites as these sites are not the prominent way to claim free PSN codes.

Method 5: The Chain Link Websites

Chain link Websites are just like the above case except for the fact that they are the shorter versions of scams and malware and not psn redeem codes. Basically, they are the digital version of chain letters. They will show you a blurred Free PSN Codes just to make you believe its existence and then they will advise you to get other users to unlock the PSN code.

These multi-step process will engage you to follow many steps to get the PSN code. There is a chance that you will acquire your free PSN codes. But in most of the cases, it’s quite the other way around. The whole purpose of this kind of websites is to waste your valuable time spamming. A lot of people are seen falling prey to these websites. So you should check it beforehand.

Method 6: The Interstitial Link

Interstitial sites are those sites which pose some ads instead of playstation redeem code, just to add some money into their kitty. It’s more likely a spam when it comes to its authenticity. Admin of these websites will post some ads which are basically a generic spam.

When you click on the URL code of these ads, they will show you the other things like incomplete information and stuff, which has no relation to the existence of these Free PSN Codes. So, it is advisable not to use these links as they will fetch you nothing though at times you might acquire some codes.

How to activate Free PSN Codes?

The idea of getting ps4 redeem codes is always good as far as their benefits are concerned. Now a question arises – “How to activate a PSN Code?’’. Getting Free PSN Codes activated is simple as drinking water. So, here are the steps through which we can activate free ps4 codes. These are as follows:

PS4 Console

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  1. Open a SONY Network Entertainment Account on PSN (or use your existing account).
  2. Select the PlayStation icon given on the PS4 home screen.
  3. Select the Redeem code at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Enter the correct code and then click on Continue.
  5. Select Confirm to accept the Code of Services.
  6. Select Continue to complete the transaction.

Web Browser

  1. Go to http://account.sonyentertainmentnetwork.com.
  2. Create a new Sony Entertainment Network Account.
  3. Select Redeem Prepaid Card.
  4. Enter the code and then click on Continue.
  5. Then, you will get a confirmation message regarding the above which implies that the above code is redeemed successfully.

NOTE: All the codes are case sensitive, and hence the information given must be exact.

PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus (or, simply PS plus) is a paid- for PlayStation Network Service that provides users with access to the premium feature. Premium Features includes access to upcoming games, beta trials, discounts, green patches and much more. Subscribed members are given six games per month along with 10GB internet storage space for up to 1,000 of game files and setups.

The most important thing is that every PS4 member should have a subscription to PlayStation Plus. The period of having a PlayStation Plus varies from monthly and quarterly subscription to annual subscription depending upon player requirements.

PlayStation Blog

PlayStation Blog is unlike those another blog just because of the fact that it mainly focuses on the upcoming launches and updates. Launched in June 2007, it basically focused on the store updates, interviews, events, game announcements and much more. After that, Blog Share was launched in March 2010 that allows PSN users to submit their ideas for the betterment of PSN. It may include reviewing the games which were present in the network as well as voting the comments of other users.

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Since its launch, PSN has been the key factor for maintaining a level of the gaming industry. You can very well accept the fact that PlayStation store is available in almost 73 countries. Also, it’s possible for the non- supporting regions to access the PSN. All they require is an address of that country where PSN is officially present. Some useful Information to know:

How to Sign in?

Signing up for the PlayStation Network is free of cost. Though there can only be two types of accounts: Master account and Subaccount. In Master account, one can access to any information including Parental Controls. On the other hand, Sub accounts can access to the limited information. They can access to Parental Controls once they reach the age of 18 years. Also, Sony ensures that every registrant uses a strong and unique password for complete protection.


Profile includes some necessary information like Name, Profile picture (or, avatar), personal description, Trophy level, and much more. PS4 includes an option to tie a Facebook account so that they can access only the required information. One can access their Facebook account via the PlayStation website.

PSN Profile
PSN Profile

Online ID

An online ID is a username which you used in your PSN. It consists of a username typically ranging from 3 to 16 characters which should include letters, hyphens, underscores, and digits. The user must ensure that the ID built should be a unique and inoffensive type.


The best part about PSN is including a trophy section. On reaching a certain milestone, PSN rewards a user with trophies which can be classified as rare, very-rare and ultra-rare based on the performance. There are basically four types of trophies awarded. These are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Platinum trophies are given to those players who unlock all levels of the game.

PSN Trophies
PSN Trophies

Portable ID

It is a small infographic which is used as a forum signature. The user can customize their portable ID as per their requirement. There are several parties which provide free and paid trophy cards, and they are either updated automatically or updated manually.


The basic idea behind launching free ps plus codes was not about its existence, but uniting countries and bringing them together. The whole idea of bringing countries together is getting successful through their initiatives like friends list policy. Moreover, amalgamating technology along with these initiatives is making this network a huge success.

Due to their impeccable work, they are popular across the globe. Although, there is a need to include all the others countries which are deprived of such services and facilities. We know that with the growing population, there will be a sudden increase in the demands of PSN. What they need to ensure is to prepare for each and every challenge as ‘Where there is a will, there is a way”.


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