Ever wondered why the world is so beautiful? Yes, your guesses are as good as mine. The era is making its own history by introducing us with thousands and thousands of different games. Ever wondered why is this possible? Yes, with the help of gaming developers we are experiencing the improved quality of the game, and this is becoming possible only because of them. Thus, you must know how to get Free Steam Wallet Codes now!

Now, you must be thinking that what is the purpose of saying behind this thing? Well, we know that god built this beautiful planet, Earth, where millions and millions of creatures sustain lives. We pray to them every day for our well-being. Similarly, we should at least thank each and every developer for giving us such a good gaming experience. In this chain, Steam had added their name as well.

What is Steam?

Steam is a digital gaming platform which was introduced by Valve Corporation that offers various opportunities and provides services such as video streaming, social networking services, digital right management and many more. It provides users with installation and updating of games with features like cloud serving, friends’ lists and groups and in-game voice chat. It was developed initially for Microsoft Windows OS, later its other versions for Linux and macOS was later released.

Steam works on API (application programming interface) called Steamworks, which developers used to improve its functions including free steam wallet codes, matchmaking, networking, microtransactions, and in-game achievements.

What is Steam?
What is Steam?

The Steam is one of the largest digital platforms with over 75% of the marketplace. You will be startled by the fact that in 2017, this gaming platform earned around US$4.3 billion through games which accounts for over 18% of global PC games sales. This success led to the innovation of Steam Machine micro-consoles and SteamOS.

Steam serves for many of the platforms such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, Consoles (like PlayStation 3), Mobile Platforms as well as Steam Machine. All these platforms clearly define its dominance as per gaming is concerned.

About Free Steam Wallet Codes

Just like the other gaming platforms, Steam also provides Steam wallet codes for those users who don’t posess debit cards, credit cards, etc. Basically, it is for those children who are not eligible for having their own bank account. Though it’s not compulsory that only children use Steam Wallet.

The best thing about steam gift card codes is that you can purchase it from selective currencies whether it is Euro, Pound, Dollars, and Rupees. Whenever you add some money in your wallet, the amount is ‘pre-loaded’, and you will be rescued from giving those payment details over and over.

Steam also has Steam Wallet Gift Cards worth $5, $10, $20, etc. which you can use to purchase new games or gifts from the marketplace. You will be curious to know that you can avail the benefits from different sites and use them to redeem balance using Steam Wallet.

Free Steam Wallet Codes Generator

Just tap on the button that is present down and get those Steam Wallet codes for free. After the generation of the code, you can easily redeem it. Regardless, the process takes a couple minutes to fetch the code from our massive database. Kindly be patient till then.

Free Steam Wallet Codes Generator

Note: – In case the code does not work then there is nothing to worry about. We have a finite set of codes and that one might be just generated somewhere else. In that case, you can simply run the generator again! 🙂

How to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes?

It’s easy to get free Steam Wallet Codes just like PSN Codes, Google Play Codes, etc. But all you need to do is to follow some simple steps in order to avail its benefits. There are various methods to get free Steam Wallet Codes. These are as follows:

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Method 1: Watching Videos to Get Free Steam Wallet Codes

So, how to get free steam money? Yes, you heard it right! You can watch and earn free Swag points while watching videos from Netflix or Black Mirror. Though the points you will earn is quite low (around 5-10 Swags), still, it opens the door for you to get free Steam Wallet Codes. You can also play the third party videos to earn the free Steam Wallet Codes without toiling hard to perform useless tasks.

Method 2: Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another best alternative for claiming free Steam Wallet Codes by exchanging Swagbucks points. They host various methods to earn Swag Points like signing up for Promotions, completing Surveys, watching videos and many other fun ideas. The best part is that Swagbucks is available for various platforms such as Android, iPhones, apart from its official website.


Just like Google, Swagbucks has its own search engine, and the best part about it is that from this search engine, you can earn free Swag points. For 4-5 searches, you will get around 100 Swags. Once you have collected enough Swag, you can redeem them for free Steam Wallet Codes. But there is some limit up to which you will earn Swag daily. Though this search engine is a bit slow, still, it’s useful in extracting some information. Lagging may occur due to ads, and due to this, you might face some problems. Still, it is a good alternative for getting free Steam Wallet Codes.

Method : AppNana

AppNana is another alternative to where you can earn free Steam Wallet Codes. Here you need to download the third-party apps from sponsors in order to get free points. AppNana is exclusively available for devices such as Android and iOS device. After installing the app, AppNana automatically rewards you with free steam games codes.


Once you download and perform some simple tasks, this app will reward you with free points from where you can redeem your free Steam Wallet Codes worth $10, $20, or more.

Method 3: Referral and Invitations

Referral is the best method to earn reward points, and Swagbucks allows you to refer and claim these free Swagbucks. By registering on Swagbucks and inviting your friends and family through Social Media, you can claim free Swagbucks points. If you have a Blog or an excellent YouTube channel, then you can quickly earn free Steam Wallet Codes just by writing or making a video on it, and whenever your friends register through this link, you will get a total 10% of what they earn for a lifetime on Swagbucks. Sounds cool, isn’t it?

Method 4: Selling on Steam Marketplace

Just like in Roblox, Steam allows you to sell your merchandise and other products on Steam Marketplace to get free Steam Wallet Codes. Some of the famous games on Steam like TF2, Dota 2, Tomb Raider, etc., are the games where you can sell your own items and cards.

Selling on Steam Marketplace
Selling on Steam Marketplace

Though it is not easy to earn the Steam Wallet Codes as there are some terms and conditions imposed by the Steam. But still, it’s an effective alternative for claiming these free Codes if you abide by these terms and conditions.

Method 5: PointsPrizes

Even though I am writing this article, I was not in shock by this name just because it has always been the best alternative for getting the free steam gift cards for others too such as PSN, Google Play Codes, Xbox live Codes, and many more. This site has been one of the most effective sites where you can get free Steam Wallet Codes within a short span of time.

Earn Free Steam Wallet Codes
Earn Free Steam Wallet Codes

How to earn free Steam Wallet codes from PointsPrizes?

PointsPrizes works on Points & Rewards where you can earn points by performing various tasks like completing surveys, signing newsletters, watching videos and much more. You can earn these points and redeem it by following some simple steps.

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When will you get your Free Steam Wallet Codes from PointsPrizes?

A question might arise in your mind- “How to get free steam wallet codes using PointsPrizes”? Well, the answer is pretty simple, my friends. All you need to do is register in PointsPrizes and get started. Collect as many points while performing tasks for free steam gift card codes. Once you wish to avail the free codes, you will get a confirmation email from the site with free code. You don’t need to add any personal details and information like credit cards and all. It is safe to use and get the codes using PointsPrizes.

Method 6: Giveaways Sites

Certain giveaways sites are also effective in giving free Steam Wallet Codes. But the true fact is that only a few of them give free codes. Rests of them are just scammers and will not give you even a single penny. Instead, they will try to steal your valuable information, and you will lose up having nothing. So, it is advisable not to spend your time on these giveaways sites just for the sake of free codes. Though, here are the lists of some giveaways sites from where you can fetch some free codes. These are as follows:

  • https://bestfreegiveaways.wordpress.com/
  • www.sweepsadvantage.com
  • http://giveawaybase.com/
  • www.loottracker.com
  • http://www.gamephd.com/steam-wallet-codes-giveaway/

Method 7: Steam Wallet Codes Generators Scam

Ground reality is quite different when it comes to getting a free Steam Wallet Codes through generators. You will feel quite awkward when I will tell you that over 99% of these generators sites are just scams. Many of these websites will influence and misguide the users to do certain tasks.

But the fact is that through free generators, it is impossible to generate these codes as they tend to fool you by giving certain combinations which don’t even exists. Some of these generators are illegal that even Steam recommends you not to visit these sites. Still, users commit the same mistakes and eventually pay for it.

How to Redeem Free Steam Wallet Codes?

  1. After registering yourself on Steam, click on a username and then on your account details.
  2. Choose an option of “Add funds” to your Steam wallet given on the uppermost part of the screen.
  3. Select an option of using the Gift Cards.
  4. Enter the unique code from the above-specified methods.
  5. Once added, you will get the equivalent amount in your Wallet Balance.

Note: There is no trick or method to verify the amount on your Steam Wallet. You just need to redeem and then check your wallet for the amount directly.

Features of Steam

Top features of using Steam are:

Software Delivery and Maintenance

One of the biggest features was when Steam allowed saving downloaded files in virtual software libraries. Also with the introduction of Steamworks software development kit (SDK), a user can become a publisher for them. Prior to this, most games on Steam introduced anti-piracy measures. This includes selling and distribution of product keys and supporting digital right software tools such as SecuROM.

The CEG (Custom Executable Generation) technology introduced in March 2009 created an encrypted copy of files of the games for the user and allowed them to install it multiple times and on multiple devices. The best part of it was that it created many backup copies of that file. Thus, it helps to keep the data safe and secure for a longer time.

In September 2008, Steam Cloud was introduced from which a user can store the saved game and custom files on Valve’s servers. Users carry an extra option to disable the given feature on per-game per- account basis with free steam codes. In May 2012, Steam users can manage their game libraries from remote clients and through which they can instruct Steam to download and install games. This tell us why we need Free Steam Wallet Codes. In September 2013, Steam introduced the ability to share games with their family members by allowing machines to access one’s library.

Now by accessing this library, these authorized players can install the game locally and separately in their local PCs. When the main owner is not playing, the user can access their achievements and saved games. When the main player starts the game, the other player is instructed either to save the game progress and quit or to buy his/her own account. Other features have attracted many of the customers to switch to Steam.

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The Steam includes Steam Store through which the users can purchase Computer games. Once purchased, a software license is permanently attached to their account where they can download the software in any devices. The best part about Steam is that it accepts many countries currency while purchasing the products like US dollars, Canadian dollars, Indian Rupees, euros, pound, sterling, etc. Now the company also supports the WebMoney payment system which is popular in the Western Countries.

Steam allows users to purchase downloadable games and game titles such as Team Fortress 2, thus making it easy for the user to purchase in-game inventory items. Therefore, you need Free Steam Wallet Codes. Now, users of Steam’s storefront can also purchase games and other software as gifts from another Steam user. But later on, it was found that due to gray marketing, some games price were increased drastically, and it was quite higher than the original price. So, its policy was further changed.

Steam also introduced feedback and review mechanism where users were allowed to give their feedback and reviews for the games they are downloading. From these reviews, they made necessary changes in their games and products which by far are helping the users. In October 2012, Steam introduced non-gaming applications after cross-checking the requirements of the users. Certain applications are allowed to access the functions of API.

Thus, making their task simpler during installation and updating process. Steam also allowed game soundtracks to be purchased via Steam Music. After that, they also introduced Movies and other stuff which were offered by famous studios which helped them to introduce many movies based game series. Apart from this, they provide many discounted sales on games on the daily or weekly basis.

Privacy, Security, and Other Functions

Due to Steam’s popularity, there were many attempts for hacking the servers to know how to get free steam games. Formerly, they couldn’t find the real reason behind it. On November 2011, they closed the entire community forum as they felt that there were potential hacking threats. Later, they found that the real reason behind these attempts and introduced Steam Guard functionality to the Steam client to protect against the hijacking of accounts.

Steam Guard was powered by Intel second- generation Core processors and contained motherboard hardware which allowed the users to lock their account to the specific computer or PCs, thus, saving their useful information from hackers. They influenced their customer to trade with others using Steam Guard. In 2015, Steam introduced various game inventories, trading cards, merchandise and other virtual goods to add on some new and cool stuff to users.

Steam Guard
Steam Guard

They encouraged them to secure their accounts using Steam Guard and only access through steam redeem code. You can then easily apply your Free Steam Wallet Codes. But still, these cases were increasing day by day. These hijackers particularly aimed to hack the account and to trade the accounts valuable, thus making profits. So, the company decided to put some more restrictions on these things by changing the policy.

In July 2015, the company introduced a bug in their software that allowed any user to reset their password by using “forget password” function.

Recently, Steam introduced new privacy settings to set if their current status is private, visible to friends or public which depends upon user wish whether they want their profile to be displayed or not.

User Interface

User Interface allows users to recheck their downloaded games, titles and organize them into categories. Here, a user can add these titles in their favorite lists for quick access. The best part about it is that players can add any non-Steam games to their libraries, allowing them to be easily accessed from the Steam client.


Stream is another gaming platform which has written its success story in its own way. Unlike the other gaming platform, this platform gives you with many benefits in many affordable prices. Though, you must know that the above methods and links are verified and checked beforehand.

Hence, a user can refer to these methods to get free Steam Wallet Codes. One should be careful while using free giveaways sites because they are dangerous and can hamper your system and who knows what they might get from you through it? Apart from this, there must be only one thing buzzing in your mind, “Do what your Brain says” – one of my sayings.


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