A fan of Apple Music? You certainly know that all or most of your favorite artists are available on iTunes, but not really for free-of-cost. You would love to buy them, but getting your wallet in trouble to listen to music is a farfetched symphony. If you had a philanthropic friend who would gift you an iTunes card every week, you would love it, wouldn’t you? Well, this friend is fictional or is severely broke, but our iTunes gift card generator is most certainly real!

Name a song, and you will be able to download it without any worries, given you use iTunes Gift Card Generator, whose steps are explained in detail below.

Why Use iTunes Gift Card Generator?

As told above, there may be situations when you cannot miss the offers on iTunes, but at the same time, you don’t have enough cash to pay for those offers. Since the proposals for iTunes Gift Card Generator are valid for a limited time, you need to grab them before they expire.

A lot of striking deals where you can obtain your most wanted songs at the least expensive price keep occurring on iTunes. But, that never happens always, and as it stands, you need a card to redeem your gift. You can get one or many such, with iTunes Gift Card Generator! Congratulations, you need not to ask or beg your friends for money to buy your songs anymore!

The iTunes Gift Card Generator can work wonders to you, as you can get a significant discount on products of the iTunes Store by using the same, or getting them free of cost.

What is iTunes Gift Card Generator?

You can use the iTunes Gift Card Generator to obtain gift card codes and reap it whenever you please by redeeming it on your iTunes account. The amount you can use to buy the music is transferred to your iTunes account. Using which you can buy some songs. All-in-all, it is a useful tool to buy music for free.

How to Use iTunes Gift Card Generator?

A newbie or an old timer, you should not have any issues while trying to download music or redeeming codes on iTunes using iTunes Gift Card Generator.

You can check out these steps to get your codes using our tool:

Step 1: Go to the iTunes Gift Card Generator and hit “Generate” in your browser.

Step 2: Choose the amount you want to generate as a gift card.

iTunes Gift Cards Generator


We do not have any relation with iTunes or Apple Inc. nor do we endorse products or services that are available on the same. By using this generator, you accept the terms of use and risks that may be included. We take no responsibility and bear no resemblance to any Apple product, logo, trademark, or any other copyright information.

Step 3: Follow these steps, and in a few seconds, it will provide you with a code of the gift card. Mark down the code.

Step 4: Visit the iTunes Store app and choose the Music Tab.

Note: Since we get a lot of spam from users. Uou need to follow the same steps by sharing it online.

Step 5: Go to Featured Albums and select the Redeem button.

Step 6: Choose the Redeem option to get your money, once you entered the gift card code. You can follow the above instructions repeatedly until it works.


Boast about the latest songs you downloaded to your friends or be humble, it’s your choice. But we recommend using the iTunes Gift Card Generator wisely and to your best possible use.


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